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Rebecca M. Pounds lost: 20 Inches lost: 19.25
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When Rebecca learned about my program, she was overweight and out of shape and having a hard time finding the energy to keep up with her daily tasks, let alone try to work out. With four small children and a full time job, Rebecca certainly had plenty of excuses NOT to work out; yet she put all those excuses aside and met The Challenge head on. As you can see, her results were phenomenal! Now she's encouraging her friends to work out and eat better so they can feel great, too!

Tammie P. Pounds lost: 14 Inches lost: 21.5
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Tammie had been out of shape for the past ten years, and was feeling the effects both physically and mentally. She had a hard time walking anywhere without losing her breath, and was uncomfortable going out in public because she was uncomfortable with her appearance. She has done a complete 180, not only losing weight but changing her attitude as well. Now Tammie looks forward to working out and shares her enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle with everyone she meets! With the help of my program, she's on the fast track to her fitness goals!

Jeannette B. Pounds lost: 15 Inches lost: 14.25
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Jeannette heard about The Summer Shape Up Challenge at a very difficult time in her life; her husband of nearly six years had just walked out on her and their two young girls, leaving her feeling worthless and doomed to unhappiness. Fortunately, she came to the realization that SHE is ultimately responsible for her own happiness, and had a choice about how to handle a bad situation. She started working out and eating right, and now not only looks great, but feels great as well!

Lanelle P. Pounds lost: 12 Inches lost: 15.25
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Lanelle knew that getting in shape would help her not just look better, but feel better as well. She wanted to increase her energy and decrease her stress level, as well as firming and toning her muscles. She realized that a 'quick fix' was not what she needed; she needed a new lifestyle that included working out and eating right, and my program was just the key to get her started.

Tami J. Pounds lost: 16 Inches lost: 15.75
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The idea of exercising and eating right was foreign to Tami. She admits she pretty much ate whatever appealed to her, including a bowl of ice cream every night. As her weight climbed higher, her self-image declined, and she was excited when she heard about my program. She embraced The Challenge fully, completely changing her eating habits and incorporating some physical activity into almost every day. Tami says she can't remember the last time she had a bowl of ice cream and admits, she doesn't even miss it!

Teri J. Pounds lost: 13.5 Inches lost: 10.75
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Teri found her 20th high school reunion approaching, and she dreaded facing her school mates with her extra weight. Teri had a treadmill at home that her children used as a playhouse. She contacted me for help and I gave her the information she needed to get started. My program couldn't have come at a better time for Teri; she attended her reunion feeling better about herself, and even continued her healthy new habits while on her vacation!

Do you have a success story to share? Send it to me along with your picture, and I may include it here!
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